Liese Sparkling Natural Spring Water, 16.9 fl. oz. – 6 Pack x 2

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Liese Sparkling Natural Spring Water is a PRISTINE WATER FROM AN ANCIENT, PROTECTED SPRING. This water from Alsace is captured at the source in the Vosges Mountains of France and CO2 from natural sources is added to create a deliciously refreshing bubbly version. Nature’s Gift to us all! 

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Nature's Gift to Us All

Captured deep within the Protected Liese Source, in the Vosges Mountains, France, Liese spring water is naturally flowing in what is now a classified “Worldwide Biosphere Natural Reserve”. As a carving of a Celtic Goddess of Fertility dating back 2,000 years and still present on the spring’s grounds can attest, Liese water has represented a symbol of health and purity for millennia. Filtered through several layers of limestone, Liese has a unique and ideal balance of minerals for optimum hydration and a pure and crisp taste. The CO2 used to add bubbles to the sparkling versions of Liese Natural Spring Water is of natural origin, captured in the Eifel region, one of Europe’s largest source of naturally occurring CO2 of volcanic origin.

Exceptional Purity 

Low Mineral Content. Very Low Sodium

100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging (rPET Bottles and 6 Pack Wraps)

BPA Free

CO2 from Natural Volcanic Sources


Additional information

Weight 7.08 kg
Dimensions 53.34 × 20.32 × 22.86 cm


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